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12 things that already happened within hours of Trump being inaugurated president

Donald Trump talks to a media in a spin room. PHOTO: REUTERSDonald Trump talks to a media in a spin room. PHOTO: REUTERS

Donald Trump talks to a media in a “spin room.” PHOTO: REUTERS

Donald Trump won’t strictly turn boss until Jan 2017, though within hours of his feat a universe has already begun to change.

Here are 11 things that have already happened given he was elected:

1) A tip Israeli supervision apportion announced a thought of Palestinian state ‘over’.

Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett pronounced Wednesday a thought of a Palestinian state was over after Donald Trump’s choosing as US president, job for an finish to what has been a basement of years of negotiations.

List of things Trump has affianced to do on initial day as president

“Trump’s feat is an event for Israel to immediately redress a idea of a Palestinian state in a centre of a country, that would harm a confidence and only cause,” Bennett, who heads a hardline Jewish Home party, pronounced in an apparent anxiety to a assigned West Bank. “This is a position of a president-elect … The epoch of a Palestinian state is over.”

2) American Muslim women who wear a hijab agonised over either a still protected to wear one.

3) Demonstrators set fires and overturned cars in vital cities opposite America.

A gunman non-stop glow in downtown Seattle on Wednesday night following an evidence and bleeding 5 people, one male critically, not distant from protests over a warn feat of Republican Donald Trump in a US presidential election.

What impact will US elections have on Pakistan?

4) Global financial markets went haywire.

Markets went into giveaway tumble Wednesday and a Mexican peso tight as Donald Trump seemed to be relocating into a lead in a competition for a White House. Safe breakwater resources rallied as investors went using for cover, with a yen and bullion rushing higher.

5) Sarah Palin pronounced Britain and America are “hooking up” in light of Brexit and Trump.

“Well, see, Great Britain and America, see how we’re hooking adult now?” Sarah Palin, a former Alaskan govenor pronounced during a Trump convene as a formula rolled in. “We’re going brute and saying, we know, a people are going to take behind control of a governance.”

6) Former KKK personality David Duke announced tonight “one of a many sparkling nights of my life”.

David Duke, who before led a KKK as a “Grand Wizard”, distinguished Trump’s election.

7) Shares in renewable appetite companies tanked…

Shares of renewable appetite companies that work in a US tight following news that Trump would be a subsequent president. The Republican boss has formerly claimed meridian altered is a hoax perpetuated by a Chinese to ravage American industry. Vestas, a vital builder of US breeze turbines that gets about 40 per cent of a business from America, saw a limit tumble of 14 per cent.

8) Shares in arms companies surged to a record high

Shares of BAE Systems , Europe’s largest arms company, adult scarcely 4 per cent heading a convene opposite counterclaim bonds as Trump’s presidential win firms adult expectations of a ramp-up in informal counterclaim spending, Reuters reported.

Markets in giveaway tumble as Trump moves into lead

9) Canada’s immigration website crashed underneath a direct of American visitors.

Canada’s categorical immigration website remained down on Wednesday and New Zealand reported increasing trade to a website for residency visas from US nationals as Trump surged to feat in a US presidential election.

10) Militant leaders welcomed a new US president.

A orator for a al Qaeda dependent Syrian belligerent organisation Jabhat Fatah al-Sham wrote to his Twitter followers, “Trump’s feat is a tough slap to those compelling a potency of approved systems.” He added, “Starting today, we won’t need media releases clarifying a West’s machinations. All we need to do is retweet what Trump says.”

Meanwhile, distinguished Egyptian-born belligerent apportion Dr Tariq Abdel Haleem said: “Trumps [sic] winning competence be bad for us in a brief run. However, it is improved for Muslims in a prolonged run as he’ll hurt a US.”

11) Mexico’s unfamiliar apportion done it transparent they wouldn’t be profitable for that wall.

Mexico pronounced on Wednesday it would work with Donald Trump for a advantage of both nations after his warn US choosing win, though reiterated it would not compensate for his designed limit wall, that influenced adult low rancour during a diligent presidential campaign.


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