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Ali Gul Pir calls his new song ‘Channo ki Maut’  

Ali Gul Pir is back (in all his element) with a rap song, Karle Jo Karna Hai (Do whatever you want).

Shot in the streets of Lyari, Ali directly challenges a famous Pakistani singer through the song. While the comedian doesn’t really take anyone’s name, we all know who he means.

Wearing a ‘Super Sindhi’ ajrak jacket, Ali has a lot of stuff to say.

He mentions the person he is attacking as ‘Teefa’, then goes on to say that the person gets invited on award shows. (Remember the Lux Style Awards when people boycotted it due to a certain someone?).

The Waderai Ka Beta singer doesn’t end there. Ek joke se tera ego toota (One joke breaks your ego), the song says.

He says the person takes the support of old songs to become famous.

Ali ends the song with “I’m calling this song Channo Ki Maut”.

The song’s title Karle Jo Karna Hai (Do Whatever You Want) is an open challenge in itself. But Ali further says he is ready to go to jail.

People on Twitter have been praising the rapper, with some calling the song the “anti sexual harassment anthem”.

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