‘Batman’ to a rescue for IPL cricket stars

MUMBAI: When a Indian Premier League’s large hitters need their favourite bat urgently remade there’s one chairman they call on — Aslam Chaudhry, a.k.a. “Batman”.

The 65-year-old bat-maker and fixer frequently comes to a rescue of cricket’s many recognizable stars out of his small, decades-old seminar in south Mumbai.

“I’ve finished bats for Sachin Tendulkar, fordu Plessis, Steve Smith, Chris Gayle, for many of them,” a floppy-haired Chaudhry tells AFP.

He is a owners of M. Ashraf Bros, a bat-manufacturing emporium set adult by his father in a late 1920s.

Chaudhry, who still creates bats by hand, is famous as a master of his qualification and is in high direct from players during a eight-month-long Indian cricket season.

He is famous as Mumbai’s “Batman”, and a trademark on his business label shows dual cricket bats in front of bat wings.

Chaudhry works flat-out during a 7 weeks of a IPL. The 11th book is now holding place, and he is removing unchanging calls about obligatory work.

“The IPL is a busiest time since a bats mangle utterly often,” he says, explaining that complicated bats tend to be weaker since they don’t bear a same volume of appurtenance dire as in prior eras.

He also records that players in T20 cricket like to strike a round as tough as they can as they try to strike 6 after six.

“They ring me up, we go to see them and afterwards move a bats behind here. It’s a brief deadline since they mostly have to fly off a subsequent day so we have to repair a bats and take them behind again asap,” Chaudhry says.—AFP

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