Bees can solve simple mathematics problem

Web Desk: According to a study bees who have every tiny brains, are able to solve basic addition and subtraction problems.

The research led by scientists from RMIT University in Australia, involved training individual honeybees to enter a maze where they would encounter between one and five shapes, colored either blue or yellow.

If the shape turns blue, the bee had to add one number, and if they were yellow the bee had to subtract one to find the solution.

The bees would make their selection by entering a tunnel with either the correct or incorrect answer, where they would be rewarded if they got it right.

Initially, the bees made random choices, however after roughly 100 learning trials lasting four to seven hours, they cracked the code that blue meant plus one and yellow meant minus one and could then apply the rule to new numbers.

“Our findings suggest that advanced numerical cognition may be found much more widely in nature among non-human animals than previously suspected,” RMIT Associate Professor Adrian Dyer said.

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