Bill Gates expresses his enterprise to deposit in Pakistan

Web Desk: Microsoft Billionaire Bill Gates has pronounced that his record company, Microsoft Corporation could try a investment opportunities in Pakistan.

Gates voiced his enterprise in a minute delivered to Prime Minister Imran Khan by Dr Christopher Elias, President of a Bill and Melindaa Gates Foundation’s Global Development Division, in a assembly on Tuesday.

According to Elias, a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation would continue to deposit in Pakistan to exterminate polio pathogen and alleviation of medical system.

Responding to that Prime Minister pronounced that Pakistan continues to tackle polio expulsion as a inhabitant open health emergency.

“Polio vaccination activities are good organized in tighten partnership with a provinces and are directly overseen by a national, provincial and local charge forces,” he said.


“The supervision is dynamic to exercise a transformative amicable and mercantile bulletin for a ‘New Pakistan’”, he added.

He reiterated his joining to pierce brazen on tolerable growth agenda. He expressed his government’s joining for expulsion of polio from a country.

The primary apportion voiced his wish that the WHO would continue as a arguable partner in a efforts to urge medical complement for all in Pakistan.

Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director General, also common that WHO had strong a activities in coordination with a supervision of Pakistan for polio eradication.

Article source: http://www.aaj.tv/2019/01/bill-gates-expresses-his-desire-to-invest-in-pakistan/

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