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Biting cold increases demand for dry fruits

ISLAMABAD-Winter’s specialty dry fruits are in great demand all across the country including federal capital where tremendous rush of customers witnessing at the shops selling variety of roasted nuts.

Nuts in great demand here included cashew nuts, almonds, walnuts, dates, pistachio, pine nuts and peanuts as people love to keep munching in chilly evening during the season.

A citizen Ahmad Bakir said that no one in winter can resist dry fruits and the nuts; that are the real treat and the perfect gift of nature.

Haniyyah Noman said gossiping and chatting over a hand full of dry fruits in the chilly winter nights became a perfect idea of a small party with the friends and family members.

With the advent of winter it is usually the best time to enjoy delicious dry fruits, said a group of young boys while enjoying peanuts.

On the other hand many citizens also expressed displeasure at the high rates of dry fruits but added that dry fruits were a compulsory part of cold weather and, therefore, they buying it to enjoy this season with family.

They urged the authority concerned to take action against those dry fruit sellers involved in overcharging and selling dry fruit at exorbitant rates.

Besides the shops, pushcarts also witnessed selling dry fruits in different streets corners these days.

A citizen Zain Hamid said retailers are taking advantage of this season and fleecing customers, commenting, pistachios are being sold for Rs 3,200/kg respectively, dried dates for between Rs 300 and Rs 400/kg, pine nuts for between Rs 3,800 and Rs 4,000/kg and dried apricots for between Rs1000/kg.

The price of pine nuts locally known as Chilgoza has jumped to Rs 8,400 per kg and Walnuts are also selling at rate of Rs. 1400/Kg.

Retailers talking to private news channel said, they got these fruits at high rates from wholesalers. However, with fall of temperature the demand for dry fruits had sharply increased and prices had also shot up due to high demand.

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