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CM Sindh Murad Ali Shah presents budget

  • June 16, 2021

The total volume of the Sindh budget is Rs1.4 trillion.

Wearing headphones as he gripped a microphone in his hand, the chief minister shouted to drown out the reverberating shouts of Opposition lawmakers, who did their utmost to disrupt the chief minister.

Speaking about the pandemic, the chief minister said a comprehensive response by the provincial government had been prepared to battle the pandemic. He announced that the Sindh government was allocating Rs24.72bn to counter the adverse impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

He said that Rs18.32bn have been recommended to buy medicines throughout the year, adding that the provincial government has also agreed to create 964 new posts for the health sector.

The chief minister announced that the Sindh government had allocated Rs2bn to procure PPE and PCR testing kits.

Murad said the $400mn had been estimated as the total cost of Sindh Human Capital Projects, which he said is a comprehensive package by the World Bank in collaboration with the Sindh government.

It is proposed that Rs14 billion will be allocated transport, Rs75 billion for local bodies and Rs53 billion for the irrigation department.

The Sindh Cabinet has also approved an increase of 20% in the salary of government employees and set minimum wage at Rs25,000 in the province, Sindh government spokesperson Murtaza Wahab wrote on Twitter.

He also confirmed that no new tax is being introduced in the Sindh budget.

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