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Harassment irks Murree visitors

  • September 17, 2020

Islamabad : The tourists and their families have demanded of the concerned authorities to provide them with cordial environment at popular hill station Murree where they are again facing harassment, overcharging and misbehaviour by local shopkeepers and hotel owners.

Rashid Bhatti, a resident of Rawalpindi, said, “I visited Murree with my family couple of days back. When I raised question of overcharging at the reception, the hotel management threatened to throw our luggage out of the hotel.”

“The hill station was closed for tourists in March this year due to corona-virus pandemic. When the government lifted the lockdown a large number of visitors started rushing towards Murree but, unfortunately, the issue of bad behaviour of local shopkeepers and hotel owners is yet to be resolved,” he said.

The survey conducted by this correspondent revealed that the number of visitors to Murree has increased to a considerable level due to which the local owners are minting extra money and shopkeepers are selling products on prices of their own choice. The local guides and agents are believed to be involved in incidents in which they harassed the tourists and their families.

Abid Khursheed, a resident of Lahore, said, “When the people start campaign of ‘Boycott Murree’ due to harassment and violence against tourists many segments of the society point out that it will deprive the local people of their livelihood.” “But it seems that local shopkeepers in Murree are yet to understand that rude and violent behaviour will serve no purpose except forcing tourists to stop visiting this place,” he said.

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