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Healthy bodies healthy minds through ‘yoga in park’

  • August 14, 2020

To commemorate International Youth Day (IYD) Karim Khan Afridi Welfare Foundation engaged with energetic young people in an activity titled, ‘Yoga in the Park.’

Speaking on the occasion, Chairperson of KKAWF, Cristina Afridi, said that this event aimed to mobilize young people to collectively engage in healthy activities and suggest a way for a better life once the Covid-19 pandemic is over and we move forward with our lives, says a press release.

All SOPs were met according to government regulations. Young girls and boys took part in this innovative and meaningful assembly, which was led by KKAWF Education Counsellor, Lubna Hayauddin, a United Nations certified life-skills trainer.

KKAWF believes that involving youth in energetic, healthy activities motivates their creative minds and encourages the engagement of young people to enrich national processes. The young girls and boys participated actively in the yoga exercise in a green environment in Islamabad and later interacted to give their recommendations on actions on how to better deal with the post – Covid times ahead. They called for providing more opportunities for youth to become leaders and to find solutions that will lead to healthier communities. They drew attention of all stakeholders to develop plans which included the perspectives of the young people in the policy making processes; empower youth to be change makers and to help their peers and friends in making decisions. These recommendations will be presented to the policy-makers to include in their post Covid strategy-making consultations.

KKAWF is a civil society organization committed to youth empowerment through equipping youth with better knowledge through life skills focused drug use prevention education through its five pillars of drug awareness, environment, arts/culture, sports and developing civic sense.

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