Life remains at standstill amid lockdown against coronavirus

Life remains at standstill amid lockdown against coronavirus

Rawalpindi : In fear of coronavirus, millions stayed indoors and the routine life has remained at standstill for the past 18 days of lockdown in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Majority of citizens are obeying the orders of lockdown and battling to contain the fast rising cases of coronavirus in this regard.

Even busiest roads wear a deserted look, as all shopping malls, markets, government and private offices, educational institutions, restaurants, public parks, rail and road transport have remained closed even after 18 days of lockdown.

Some government offices with necessary staff are performing their duties for 18 days.

Only grocery shops, meat shops, vegetable shops and general stores have been allowed to open for a limited time where families could be seen on daily basis till 5:00 pm.

Meanwhile, police have booked more than 1200 people and registered over 600 cases according to Section 188 over violation of section 144 in various parts of the city.

Police have also intensified patrolling and checking of the entry and exit points to maintain law and order and ensure security of the people.

The Deputy Commissioner (DC), Rawalpindi Captain (r) Anwar-ul-Haq told ‘The News’ that government is only trying to save the lives of citizens. He said that majority of citizens cooperated with authorities but some do not. “We have arrested only violators of lockdown,” he claimed. On the directions of Punjab government, we have released all violators, he said.

Poor community particularly daily wagers have been seriously affected in the lockdown and could been wandering here and there in search of food. The families of daily wagers are yet on roads waiting for three times meal.

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