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Marquees continue to arrange wedding events in capital

  • July 14, 2020

ISLAMABAD                –          Some marquees of Islamabad continue to carry out wedding events despite of multiple warnings and ban imposed by the administration.

The emergence of coronavirus in Islamabad has pulled all businesses to an edge. To mitigate the effects of the coronavirus, the administration of Islamabad has banned all types of public gatherings spots including Markaz, shopping malls, marriage marquees and halls. 

However, The Nation has learned that some marquees in E-11 are still managing to carry marriage events despite of the ban imposed by the administration of the capital. 

Talking with The Nation, Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Mr Hamza Shafqat stressed that strict action would be taken against those who are not abiding by the decision of the authorities. 

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The official stated that such actions are illegal and are not allowed till the authorities manage to wipe out the virus completely from the streets of the capital. 

A resident of Islamabad on condition of anonymity told this correspondent about the recent marriage event he attended at one of the marquees of E-11. 

Not revealing the name of the marquee, the resident told The Nation that around 150 to 200 guests were present in the hall. 

When this correspondent asked the resident about the manner the marquee managed to carry out the event without getting noticed, the resident replied, “Near the entrance of the marquee, I was asked by the guards to keep my car lights off and my car was diverted to the back gate of the marquee where all other cars were parked.” 

He further told that the front parking lot was empty and the lights of the marquee were also closed from outside. He said that the waiters stood on the back gate of the marquee and greeted every guest by sanitising their hands before letting them enter the hall. 

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Social distancing in the hall was neither practiced by the guests nor implemented by the management of the marquee. 

Another concerned resident and owner of a marriage hotel in Islamabad, Imtiaz Ahmed stated that his hotel remained closed for the past four months and has brought unimaginable financial loss for him and other stakeholders of the hotel. 

Imtiaz insisted that the administration should take strict action against the wrongdoers as many other businesses would do the same if they are not held accountable. He further stressed that the administration should allow all the marquees to continue events as most of the hotels were seen doing the same and violating the commandments of the authorities. It was unfair with businessmen like him who were bearing losses due to closure of their businesses.


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