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One in five children in flood-affected areas lacks study material

  • November 26, 2022

ISLAMABAD    –   Following the unprecedented rains and floods in the 2022 monsoon sea­son, a vast majority of children have limited access to learning materials, and those having access are limited to textbooks only. According to a re­port issued by the non-profit organi­zation Save the Children, one in five children does not have access to any learning materials. 

The report having up-to-date as­sessment and needs of families in flood-affected areas highlights that the school children are also facing multiple issues including long travel­ling to the temporary school shelters, psychological stress, non-availability of instructors, and absent teachers. The education of female students is being suffered more than boys as chil­dren have to travel one hour or more on foot to reach schools and parents are not able to afford transportation.

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