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Pakistan urges US to release frozen Afghan assets

  • September 17, 2021

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan’s top officials dealing with counter-terrorism financing and FATF matters have told US treasury officials that in order to avert humanitarian and financial crisis in Afghanistan, the US decision to freeze Afghan financial assets should be reviewed by the US authorities and subsequently these assets be released.

Highly credible sources told The Nation that this was conveyed to visiting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Strategic Policy, US Department of the Treasury Scott Rembrandt, by top Pakistani officials during their second day of talks in Islamabad.

The Pakistani side briefed the US about its background contacts with the top Taliban officials and their assurances that Afghan soil should not be used for terrorism against any country.

The US side conveyed their  view point  and reasons for freezing the financial assets of the Taliban government, however they  assured that there would be another review in the near future by US authorities after receiving reports and briefing from their own concerned officials.

Sources said during talks, Pakistan’s concerns with FATF also came under discussion.

Says Taliban have assured Islamabad Afghan soil won’t be used for terrorism against any country

“There is no more justification to keep Pakistan in the grey list of FATF as it has fulfilled most of the FATF conditions,” a top Pakistani official conveyed Pakistan’s principled position to visiting US officials and hoped in next FATF meeting, Pakistan status would be reverted to normal list.

The Pakistani side apprised the US officials about the number of steps the government of Pakistan has taken to counter terrorists financing in Pakistan including the number of Acts passed by the Parliament.

Both sides would continue their talks on Friday after which a communiqué is expected to be released.

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