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Police martyrs’ families also need be looked after

  • February 29, 2020

Police martyrs’ families also need be looked after

Islamabad : Since this region was hit by waves of insurgency and terrorism the numbers of police martyrs have been on a steep rise side by side with the our other defenders of the motherland.

These men have been the direct target of terrorists as well as the most dangerous outlaws and in most of the cases became targets of these abominable elements against whom they are neither trained nor equipped to deal with.

These policemen, from bottom to the top ranks, have been targeted on check posts on the roads, in the police stations, political and religious rallies and even in the training academies.

They died while trying to maintain law and order, protecting political leaders and the public and while fighting terrorists, suicide bombers and gangs and groups of outlaws in direct encounters.

They have laid down their lives in line of duty with their boots on.

In majority of cases, unfortunately, their families have not been taken care of by the state or the police department. Especially the low ranking ones! Their pensions and other benefits have never been enough to provide for a decent survival after they have lost their breadwinners.

The police department has no arrangements for helping the children of the martyrs to start or continue pursuing their education, no subsidized food provisions and no arrangements to ensure provision of shelter on their heads.

In majority of cases they are left to struggle and survive on their own.

Despite the fact that the terrorists have penetrated deep in our society and are still a continuous threat to the society, the police department has not been able to design and implement any specialized training to respond and fight against the sudden and most lethal attacks on them.

Not only that they are not trained enough but they are ill equipped as well, majority of them performing their duties in the field without bulletproof jackets, suitable helmets and effective arms and ammunition.

As a result, in most of the cases where the police outfits have come under attacks, instead of standing their ground and fighting back, these police officials and officers scampered for cover to save their lives.

The Police department all over the country is confronted with these two basic predicaments. First is the capacity to perform in world’s unique society that is plagued with such serious law and order situations including worst form of insurgency and terrorism. The second is to win over dedication of each and every member of the force by ensuring their safety and security as well as social protection of their families in case of any accident.

We have examples of other institutions where compensations, family support, social security, education support and protection arrangements for the families of martyrs are much more effective.

If similar arrangements could be put in place for the martyrs of Police Department all over the country, it would indeed win over total dedication towards the performance of their duties by the personnel of all ranks.

Similarly, the Police Department is in far more greater need for capacity building. Currently the training imparted to the police outfits like the ‘Anti Terrorist Squads’, the ‘Quick Response Force’ and the ‘Dolphin Force’ have proven not as effective and efficient as one would have liked those to be.

There is a lot of space available for their capacity building as far as their training is concerned while much more attention is required to be paid for equipping them with effective protective gear, monitoring gadgets, communication system and on top of all that the arms and ammunition they need to carry while they are on patrolling as well as when they are engaged in an encounter.

On 10-01-2019, a police party raided house of alleged drug pusher at Wah Cantt., Rawalpindi to recover the narcotics.

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