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Watch: Yashma Gill brings you bulls worth millions

  • July 19, 2021

What could be more entertaining than watching an actor reporting from the cattle market at a time when expensive bulls and goats are all the rage?

Yashma Gill has been winning hearts on social media for not only her visits to the mandi but her conversations with the beoparis (animal vendors) as well.

The actor, wearing a burqa, asks the vendors how old their animals are and what makes them so expensive, only to find out that the Rs1 million tag is only for the bull’s “beauty”. 

“Doesn’t that [the price] depend on the weight?” Yashma wonders.

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She then goes on to question how old a bull should be and if a cow can be sacrificed, to which the vendor answers in the affirmative.

In another video doing the rounds, Yashma asks a vendor if his bull will hit her if she touches it and then jumps back when the animal swishes its tail. This one costs Rs4 million.

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People found the videos amusing and Yashma’s basic questions “too adorable”.

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