Cynthia Bailey Laughs When Shown That Video Of NeNe Leakes Saying She’s A Backstabber

As fans of the Real Housewives of Atlanta may know, not too long ago, NeNe Leakes suggested that Cynthia Bailey is not at all a ‘really sweet angel’ like it might appear on the show. That being said, judging by the latter’s reaction to this insult, it really doesn’t seem like Cynthia cares too much!

While on Watch What Happens Live yesterday, Cynthia was shown the clip in which NeNe was throwing shade at her and her response? She just laughed the comment off!

It is not like it’s a big secret that NeNe doesn’t like Cynthia! She is well aware but that is not to say she will let it get to her.

So while she was a guest on WWHL, she was shown the never before seen clip of NeNe calling her a backstabber and more!

‘Cynthia has done seven interviews. Cynthia wants people to think that she’s this really nice sweet angel and then next time you turn around, you take a gun out and shoot a b*tch when she ain’t looking,’ NeNe tells the camera in the footage.

Seeing this, Cynthia could not help but laugh and say between chuckles: ‘Oh God. That made you laugh.’

‘You hadn’t seen that yet,’ the host tried to make sure and the reality TV star confirmed that she, indeed, hadn’t.

She then went on to say: ‘Look, you guys just have to watch the season. All I can tell you is that you know, I still, despite everything that I’ve been through with NeNe, I still have love for her and I hope that we can get to at least a respectful place.’

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