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Dr Zafar Mirza wants senior doctors at PIMS to complete duty hours

Dr Zafar Mirza wants senior doctors at PIMS to complete duty hours

Islamabad: Senior doctors, specialists and heads of departments of the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) will now either have to complete their duty hours in OPDs, Emergencies and respective departments or face disciplinary action. There is no third option left for them anymore.

Instructions to this effect were circulated Wednesday after the PM’s Special Assistant on Health Dr. Zafar Mirza took notice of reports about senior doctors at PIMS absenting from duty at their own sweet will. “Thousands of patients visit PIMS on a daily basis and under no circumstances should they be deprived of the opportunity of being examined and treated by senior doctors and specialists,” Dr. Zafar stated while pledging zero tolerance for casual attendance by seniors.

“All-out efforts are being made under the PM’s directive to improve services in major hospitals, and the task requires commitment and dedication of doctors and staff alike,” Dr. Zafar said.

In a circular issued by Joint Executive Director Dr. Anjum Javed, senior faculty members who conveniently miss duties in their respective OPDs or departments without intimating the concerned authority have been directed to ensure strict compliance with the latest instructions as their absence is “causing a lot of inconvenience to patients and has been viewed seriously by the Special Assistant to the PM for Health,” the circular states. “Some of the medical staff is in the habit of leaving their place of duty before closing hours, which is an act of indiscipline that needs to be strictly avoided,” it adds.

The circular directs all senior faculty members and heads of departments to be more punctual and to ensure the presence of all staff working under their command.

The absence of senior doctors from clinics is a routine matter; they would rather mint money in their private hospitals and clinics than serve the poor at PIMS. How strictly the circular will be implemented is yet to be seen, because this is certainly not the first time that such instructions have been communicated.

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