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Dust storms, sleet strike Islamabad, Lahore

ISLAMABAD/LAHORE: Dust storms followed by rainfall strike Islamabad and Lahore on Tuesday, violation a prolonged feverishness spell that had experts worried.

A dirt charge dawned on a sovereign collateral that followed by complicated rainfall. The rainfall lowered a mercury in Islamabad bringing most indispensable remit to a residents.

Scattered rainfall is approaching to continue in a region.

Earlier today, a Meteorological Department had foresee rainfall for Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Lahore multiplication and Kashmir. 

However, a foresee did contend a continue would sojourn prohibited even after a rainfall. The heat will sojourn 1-2°C above prolonged tenure normal in a plain areas of a country.

A dirt charge dawns on Lahore and suburbs on Tuesday evening. — Geo News screengrab

The dry continue conditions with chances of one or dual removed rainfall and thunderstorm events with dirt storms were approaching in a initial half of June.

For a northern areas and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa a Met Department has foresee 3 sleet continue systems after Jun 15. 

The prohibited spell, according to a Met Department, is expected to mangle in a third week of Jun when temperatures will come down by 2 to 4 degrees.

A bend breaks divided from a tree and lies on a highway following a dirt charge in Lahore on Tuesday. — Geo News screengrab

Meanwhile, Lahore and suburban areas also gifted a dirt charge only before Iftar on Tuesday.

The blowing winds, that followed light sleet in tools of a city, incited a continue pleasing in a provincial capital.

The gusts were so clever that they downed several trees and cracked window panes of a few buildings in a city.

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