Emmaleigh Barringer: Some Things to Know About 10-Month-Old Baby Girl Raped & Beat to Death by Mom’s Boyfriend

10-month-old Emmaleigh Barringer was raped and brutally beaten by her mother’s boyfriend, 32-year-old Benjamin Ryan Taylor, on Monday (Oct. 3). After suffering severe injuries, Emmaleigh died during a sanatorium days later.

Since a murder done headlines progressing this week, #JusticeforEmmaleigh has turn a trending hashtag on amicable media.

Here are some things to know about a tragedy:

1. Emmaleigh’s mom called 911 after she found her fibbing in blood.


According to a rapist censure filed, military were called Monday morning (Oct. 3) to a home on Meadowlark Lane in Ripley, West Virginia. When they arrived, cops found Amanda Leigh Adkins holding her 10-month-old daughter Emmaleigh Barringer with a “significant” volume of blood on and around a child. Adkins told deputies she woke adult between 4:30 a.m. and 5 a.m. and found her daughter bloody and exposed in a groundwork of a unit with a lights off.

Adkins beloved and 3 other children, who were not harmed, were also during a home during a time.

2. Emmaleigh’s mother’s beloved was charged in tie with a infant’s death.


When deputies spoke with Adkins’ boyfriend, Benjamin Taylor, he primarily denied meaningful how 10-month-old Emmaleigh perceived her injuries. After being review his Miranda rights, Taylor certified to military that he took a tot to a groundwork to do laundry, yet conspicuous he “blacked out” and from there doesn’t know what happened.

Police conspicuous that vast amounts of blood were found on blankets and garments in a groundwork where Taylor and a tot were believed to be, WSAZ reports.

Police also conspicuous that Taylor altered his story mixed times and they beheld him perplexing to “wipe something” off his groin area as he was being arrested.

WSAZ reports deputies got a hunt aver for Taylor’s wardrobe and a DNA sample, and while they were removing a representation military beheld blood on Taylor’s physique they trust is from a infant.

According to a rapist censure opposite Taylor, he did zero to save a tot from a injuries she postulated after he physically and intimately assaulted her.

Taylor was arrested and charged with initial grade passionate assault. He was after charged with first-degree murder on Thursday (Oct. 6) after Emmaleigh died of her injuries.

He is being hold during South Central Regional Jail on a $2 million dollar bond.

3. Emmaleigh died of her injuries after 2 days in a hospital.


After cops were called to a home and found Emmaleigh brutally beaten, she was taken to a internal sanatorium before being ecstatic to Charleston since of a border of her injuries.

According to family members, doctors conspicuous a tot brain-dead with “very small hope” of waking adult on Tuesday night during Charleston Area Medical Center. On Wednesday, she was taken off life support and succumbed to her injuries.

In a rapist censure filed, it says puncture room doctors told deputies that a baby’s dire injuries expected were suffered several hours beforehand. It also conspicuous Emmaleigh’s injuries indicated a aroused passionate assault, as good as jolt and/or distinguished of a face.

One of Emmaleigh’s relatives, Danielle Adkins, told the Charleston Gazette-Mail that her mom Amanda Adkins was anticipating for a spectacle to save her life. “Amanda’s categorical regard was that there was going to be some supernatural eventuality and that [the baby] is going to open her eyes. we usually consider existence usually hasn’t strike her yet.”

Danielle told reporters that Amanda hold her daughter as she took her final breath.

“It wasn’t adequate that he took her innocence, he had to take her life too,” she said. “The usually approach probity is going to be served is if he feels each unit of pain that he caused her too.”

4. Taylor and Emmaleigh’s mother, Amanda, had been dating for a brief time.


According to Danielle Adkins, Amanda’s cousin, she and Taylor had been together for a few months and many of a family hadn’t even met him yet.

Adkins conspicuous Amanda and Taylor met over a summer when she altered herself and her 4 children to West Virginia from Maryland. Adkins conspicuous her cousin altered divided to start a new life with her kids.

“She went down there to start over. Baltimore isn’t a safest place; it’s usually not. we accepted since she wanted to pierce her kids to West Virginia. She went there to start over,” Danielle said.

She combined that Taylor swept her cousin off her feet and seemed to be a good guy. “You literally would have suspicion he was a Prince Charming, she was so illuminated adult inside,” Adkins said. “He wanted to do things with her and he hung out with a kids.”

In August, Taylor posted a design of him and Adkins kissing on his Facebook page (above) with a caption, “I’m so happy we met this girl!!”

On Sep 7th, he altered his standing on Facebook to “in a attribute with Amanda Leigh Adkins.”

5. A petition has been combined to have Taylor publicly hanged.


On Oct 5th 2016, a petition to a Federal Government was combined to “Publicly hang Benjamin Taylor.” The petition already has roughly 7,000 signatures out of it’s idea of 100,000.

The page reads:

On Oct 4, 2016, it was reported that Benjamin Taylor, of Cottageville Wv, intimately assaulted a 9 month aged baby girl. As of a time of this petitions creation, a baby was conspicuous mind passed as a result. Prison is too good for child rapists and their ilk. we would pierce to contend that a “justice system” is even a partial of a problem, in that bonds is frequency probity when it comes to such an awful act. Maybe if these people were indeed fearful of what would occur to them if/when they were caught, they’d be reduction expected to do such sinister things? When it’s an open and close box such as this, let us hang these creatures publicly. Let us make examples of them, and concede a American people to attend these hangings so that a indicted might be ridiculed, as they should be.

6. A internal policeman conspicuous this is a misfortune box he’s ever seen or listened of.


Jackson County Sheriff Tony Boggs conspicuous in a matter that a box is a many serious he’s ever seen. Boggs also conspicuous that a review is still ongoing.

“It’s a many serious box that I’ve seen, generally with a age of a victim, and we usually can’t fathom this,” Boggs told WCHS-TV. “Even yet an detain has been made, we are distant from being over.”

7. Taylor has a rapist story and is a father.


Benji Taylor was once arrested for burglary, and twice for violating his probation, according to WSAZ.

On his Facebook page, his profile photo (above) is a design of him and his toddler son. Taylor also has several other photos of him and his son on his Facebook page.

In August, Taylor posted a video of himself high-fiving his son with a caption, “My son high fiving now.” In October, he posted a meme that read, “a genuine male will adore another man’s child as his own…being called Dad isn’t a right, It’s Earned!”

Taylor’s cover print on his page says, “I Will Never Apologize For Being A Sex Freak.”

8. Taylor’s friends/followers on Facebook are withdrawal indignant comments on his page.


Taylor’s Facebook has been superfluous with users who are troubled and confounded by him intimately assaulting and physically harming a child.

Here are a few of a comments:

Mariah Fay: “I’m restraint this ill f**k now guys. we know a lot of people wish me to keep posting since those of we who arn’t friends with him on fb wish we could. But , we gotta let my heart reanimate and saying his face depresses me. I’m profound and shouldn’t concede myself to highlight over things. And to 50 or so people who’s messages we have not read. I’m contemptible yet I’m not going to open anymore. we conclude everyone’s munificence to contend a least! we will say. we am contemptible to BOTH families involved. we do not determine with a Taylor family being pounded over what Benji did. And swelling so most hatred will not pierce baby lady back. we wish a misfortune on him personally. And we wish with all my heart probity is justly served for a baby angel.”

Richelle Cyrus: “Wow u offend me I’m troubled u were my fb crony we never talked to yet still I’m have to quit usurpation everybody we know ur Sick no difference can even get to someone as mislaid n foolish n ill as u might u never Rest In Peace.”

Tanya Jacobson: “HANG this f**k. If we people wish to compensate taxes and feed his foolish donkey you’re crazy. Thanks for posting this petition.”

Chassidy Covey: “You ill POS she was a baby. She didn’t merit this. we wish they get ur donkey in jail. You’ll get what’s entrance to you. The inmates you’ll be with don’t like that sh** so I’m certain you’ll be removing yours shortly enough. That is if they don’t hv u in unique capture for now yet best trust someone will get to u eventually we wish urge that they get ur foolish ass.”

9. Emmaleigh’s mom posted a design of her and her daughter on her Facebook page.


In her latest post on her page, Amanda Adkins put adult a design of her and Emmaleigh with a snapchat deer filter over their faces. The design has 63 likes.

Amanda also has 3 other children (two boys and a girl). She posted this print of all 4 of her kids on her page behind in April:


A GoFundMe page set adult to assistance Emmaleigh’s mom with medical and wake losses has surpassed the $20K idea with over $25K so distant in donations.

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