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At The 2022 Emmy Awards, Chrissy Teigen Needed A Little More Food Than They Got

  • September 13, 2022

The author of a cookbook posted a photo on Monday night of her husband, the 43-year-old John Legend, sitting at the dinner table with his hands on his lap while he opened a tiny package containing chocolate-covered pretzels, almonds, chips, and dried apricots.

Oh, I’m going to require more than this, lol. The model, who is 36 years old, added a caption to the image she tweeted. While Legend donned a cream-colored suit to sing his song “Pieces” during the In Memoriam part of the award presentation, Teigen wore a pink sequined dress to show off her growing baby bulge.

The musician proudly held his pregnant wife, and the two of them beamed. Nearly two years after the model’s miscarriage, the couple revealed in August that they were expecting a rainbow baby. The family decided to honor their late son by naming him Jack.

Because of the stress of her pregnancy, Teigen said in her first photo of her baby bulge that she struggled to keep the news to herself.

She captioned a mirror image of herself in sheer Gucci underwear, “Every appointment I’ve said to myself, ‘fine if it’s healthy today, I’ll announce, but then I take a deep breath of relief to hear a heartbeat and realize I’m just too anxious yet.”

She resumed her gushing about how her house and heart were filled with delight, saying, “I don’t believe I’ll ever walk out of an appointment with more enthusiasm than nerves.” Teigen underwent IVF after the death of their third child and proclaimed to her fans that pregnancy bloat was a major bummer.

To that, she said, “I respectfully urge you to stop asking if I’m pregnant because, while I know it’s stated with joyful, good intentions, it really sort of stinks to hear since I am the opposite of pregnant!” She has since joked about the baby name she and Legend would choose.

I’m planning to give my child the first letter of the alphabet that indicates the point at which my breasts cease expanding. With a lighthearted tone, the 36-year-old model posted a set of selfies on Instagram in late August. Resembling a g or h in appearance.






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