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Experts weigh in on Travis Scott’s future in Hollywood after Astroworld tragedy

  • November 25, 2021
Experts weigh in on Travis Scott’s future in Hollywood after Astroworld tragedy

Experts recently weighed in on the possible side effects that could impact Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner’s financial futures.

This update has been made by the managing partner of Zweiback, Fiset Coleman, Rachel Fiset.

During his interview with Yahoo Entertainment, he was quoted saying, “If Scott actively disregarded known risks to his concertgoers either before the show or during it, he could be on the hook for negligence, at the least, and the millions of dollars in damages that could result from the suits.”

“Incidents at Scott’s prior concerts will be a factor in plaintiffs’ claims that Travis Scott should have done more to alleviate the risks at his show, but the investigations into what happened to cause the horrific tragedy at Astroworld is still ongoing and Scott’s knowledge appears to be yet unknown.”

Fiset also believes Scott “could be held liable for millions in damages, which, of course, could lead to bankruptcy with the amounts possible as a result of these lawsuits.”

While the jury is still out on the actual legal repercussions, crisis PR expert Eric Schiffer fears the worst.

He told the outlet, “After the incident, he said he was devastated, but Travis’s initial words don’t ring true with many people. Why did he keep performing when emergency vehicles were pulling up if he was so devastated? Why didn’t he stop the music and have producers announce it? Why did he and Drake throw a party right after?”

“Attempts to manage his brand have not changed a perception that he allowed an environment that caused a lethal night of music

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