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Katy Perry thanks Orlando Bloom for help in difficult times

  • May 22, 2022

Katy Perry thanks Orlando Bloom for help in difficult times. Katy Perry’s decision to become a mother had a lot to do with the most important person in her life. During an appearance on Dear Chelsea, the singer spoke about her relationship with motherhood, specifically the moment she realized it was the right time. “The best decision I have made in my entire life. I didn’t have a maternal instinct; maybe it had to do with baby transfusions,” she told Chelsea Handler about raising her 20-month-old daughter, Daisy Dove, who was born in union with fiancĂ© Orlando Bloom.

And although at some point, the star had already accepted her burden of loneliness, the meeting with the star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” radically changed her plans. She saw how well the actor copes with his son Flynn from his first marriage to Miranda Kerr. Perry jokes that back then; her inner voice told her: “You are over 30. This man is good. Must be thoroughbred. He is a kind person .” Bloom’s presence not only increased her desire to become a mother, but the actor was also the one who brought balance to the star’s life.

During the interview, she also said that she had been living in Kentucky for almost a month, and this, too, was a discovery on the way to other perspectives. First of all, the movie was an amazing experience and a reminder that Hollywood is far from America, so now she understands people better. During an interview on the red carpet of American Idol, Katy spoke about her worries with her growing daughter, who changes every day. “She runs, says “I love you,” puts on makeup, and has pigtails,” admitted the star.

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