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Naya Rivera’s Body Found On The Same Day Glee Co-Star Cory Monteith Died 7 Years Ago And Fans Are Shocked By The Tragic Coincidence!

  • July 14, 2020

After no less than five days of intense and desperate searching, the body of actress Naya Rivera has finally been found in the lake where she drowned. While that is shocking enough, what left some fans of Glee even more shaken by the tragedy was the fact that the day Naya’s body was found also marks Cory Monteith’s death anniversary!

Many took to social media to mourn Naya Rivera after it was confirmed the body found in the lake was indeed hers, almost a week after she disappeared during a boating trip with her 4 year old son.

They also took this opportunity to express shock and disbelief that she was finally found on the same date, July 13, that her Glee co-star, Cory Monteith, passed away of a drug overdose seven years ago.

Fans of the beloved show could not believe the heartbreaking coincidence.

Some of them took comfort in thinking that Cory somehow helped bring closure to Naya’s loved ones from the afterlife.

Fans tweeted things like: ‘July 13th 2013 we lost Cory. July 13th 2020 we found Naya. #RIP.’ / ‘Naya Rivera’s body on the same day Cory Montieth passed tells me he is her guardian angel at this time and he has helped us and she find peace.’ / ‘this does not feel real. it’s the 7th anniversary of cory’s death today. naya’s body was also found today. it should not be like this. two beautiful souls who shaped the childhoods of so many, including mine. naya, i love you your voice will live on forever. thank you.’

Another user wrote: ‘I’m crying this is so heartbreaking Naya had a beautiful soul and a voice of a angel I hope Cory and her meet again in heaven and are taking care of each other I’m so sorry for her family and friends.’

And yet another pointed out that ‘July 13th is always a sad day for me because of Cory’s death but I just heard about Naya and this is devastating…’

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