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Oprah Winfrey reflects on her nerve-racking interview with Elliot Page

  • May 06, 2021

Oprah Winfrey came forth revealing that her latest interview with Elliot Page was the most nerve-racking one in her entire career.

The famed TV show host said she was feeling the chills before sitting down for a chat with Page, who recently came out as a  trangender man.

Since Winfrey realised this was a sensitive topic, she prepared herself well prior to it. In order to educate herself before sitting down for the chat, Winfrey spoke to the director of GLAAD’S, an American non-governmental media monitoring organization, known for protecting the LGBTQ community and protesting against any agenda against them.

In order to be fully prepared, Winfrey watched Disclosure, a documentary produced by Laverne Cox, which highlighted the issues faced by the transgender community.

The interview was heartbreaking as Page shared the plight he went through as he became aware of his new emerging self. 

Winfrey said her hard work paid off as she wanted “to help everybody else do better.”

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