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Patrick Dempsey is gearing up for his singing debut on ‘Disenchanted’

  • April 28, 2021

Hollywood star Patrick Dempsey is gearing up to show off his singing skills in the upcoming film Disenchanted.

The Grey’s Anatomy actor opened up about the Disney+ sequel to Enchanted in an interview with Variety and expressed nervousness about his singing debut on the big screen.

“I will be singing for the first time. I’ve never ever sung publicly — for a reason. So bear with me,” he quipped.

“I hope the fans embrace it. But they’ve set me up for success and the lyrics are really fun. The numbers have really great choreography. And the premise is going to be interesting,” he added.

He had announced his return for the second instalment on Good Morning America back in January.

“I just got this script for the second movie. And then I’m starting to go through and get notes together. There’s talk of us starting to shoot that in the spring which is exciting. Amy Adams is so amazing in that film, it was a fun project to be a part of,” he had said. 

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