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Queen kept Prince William involved in decision to remove Prince Andrew’s titles

  • January 20, 2022

The Queen has reportedly kept her grandson Prince William involved in the week where Prince Andrew was stripped of his royal and military patronages.

Royal expert Kristin Contino told Us Weekly that the Duke of Cambridge was “very involved” ahead of the decision.

It is pertinent to mention that the Duke of York was stripped of all his military titles and royal patronages for his alleged involvement in a sex scandal.

“William, in fact, was very involved in this decision, and it’s been said that he met with the queen in person ahead of their announcement that came out last week,” she said.

“I think that really shows — and I think that’s interesting — his growing influence and how she trusts his judgment and is looking for his advice. And I think that’s a great sign of things to come for William and how much she is relying on talking to him and his counsel.

“Charles, of course, was involved in that decision too,

“But I think [what] a lot of people thought was interesting is William’s heavy involvement in that. So I think she really is leaning on her two heirs at this time [to] help make those sort of big family decisions.”

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