Food that controls high vigour in blood

High blood pressure, also famous as hypertension happens when vigour in blood causes artery walls to expand.

Extreme vigour can repairs blood vessels and mostly leads to heart diseases.

This all can be tranquil with including healthy food in daily routine.

Here are some dishes that assistance in determining high pressures in blood.


  1. Oats:

They have uncountable benefits.

They are high in fiber, low in sodium and low in fats.


  1. Bananas:

They have healthy vitamins such as vitamin-C and B-6.

Bananas are abounding with carbohydrates, fiber, magnesium and potassium.

Potassium is an glorious source; it lowers vigour in blood y balancing out disastrous effects of salt. Salt retains water. Having some-more liquid in physique means high blood vigour risk.


  1. Potato:

Potato is also an glorious source of potassium. So if we are not a banana chairman afterwards potato is a option.

Condition: make certain it’s not in grill form.


  1. Dark chocolate:

Extremely profitable for heart’s health. Cocoa contains fiber, iron, magnesium and also copiousness of potassium.

Research shows that dim chocolate improves blood upsurge and lower’s risk of high blood pressure.

Condition: eat it in a tranquil manner.


-by Aghna Noor


Article source: http://www.aaj.tv/2019/05/food-that-controls-high-pressure-in-blood/

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