From Peep Show to Hollywood royalty

Robert Webb and David Mitchell knew it. As Webb affectionately put it on Twitter following her Golden Globe win: “Colman. She’s so bloody *nice*… She’s a unqualified veteran with clearly total talent. WHAT a intolerable a*******.”

Meryl Streep, after operative with Olivia Colman on a Iron Lady in 2011, fast cottoned on.

In her acceptance debate for her BAFTA a following year, a Hollywood heavyweight done certain to appreciate her “divinely gifted” British co-star.

All those fans who have desired her from a start – entertaining from sofas opposite a UK as Sophie from Peep Show, who we final saw dipsomaniac and buried in a children’s round pit, now scoops adult some of a film industry’s biggest awards –

those fans, they all knew it, too.Now, interjection to her gloriously comic description of a dowdy, churlish Queen Anne in dim duration play The Favourite, her co-star Rachel Weisz is describing her as a “goddess” and it seems a whole universe is waking adult to a luminosity of Olivia Colman.

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