Gina Kirschenheiter Says Vicki Gunvalson And Kelly Dodd Are At War Because They’re Too Similar – They’re ‘The Same Exact Person!’

Kelly Dodd and Vicki Gunvalson are definitely at war and it’s been so explosive that it’s pretty difficult to even keep up with the insults they keep throwing at each other! The RHOC ladies, Gina Kirschenheiter says, are pretty much the ‘same person’ at this point.

That’s right! According to Gina, the reality TV stars are feuding so much for the sole reason that they are too similar!

But shouldn’t that mean they could be the best of friends?

Gina explained her theory during an interview for HollywoodLife at the first edition of BravoCon.

Amid reports that things between the two have escalated so much that Vicki is suing Kelly, Gina admitted that she was not surprised.

‘It’s crazy but I’m not surprised. That’s just what they do. They go in deep, go in hard, cross all the lines. What does she do now? She wants a backtrack out of it. I think they are the same exact person and I say this really a lot. I think that they both have good hearts, but they have zero boundaries and they are both so stubborn so it just makes for a very bad recipe,’ she explained.

The reality star went on to say that ‘I honestly think they’re just both really hurt. And so at this point, it is really difficult to watch. They have it out at the reunion and I think it’ll be surprising to see. I think it has actually surprised even me to see how that situation ended up in the end. So that you definitely, I think will be, you will want to watch it.’

As you may know, Vicki decided to file a lawsuit against her co-star Kelly, claiming that she said some things about her on tape that if they air on Real Housewives, could be damaging to her life and career.

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