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Google Images adds a side panel to allow quicker comparisons

Photo: Google

If you’re browsing Google Image search results today you might notice a new interface element: a sticky side panel that displays any images you click on, providing a closer look at the specific image you want to see.

The new side panel on desktops allows users to view more information about an image while seamlessly scrolling through other results.

Users can continue selecting images and viewing them in the side panel without losing their place in the search results.

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In addition to the user interface changes, users will also have quick access to further resources about an image while previewing it.

The image viewer itself will also now display important details like the brand, price, availability, and reviews where available. So if you are shopping for a product, you will be able to get the necessary information without having to click on the source website.

Google says the upgraded experience will also benefit retailers and publishers by attracting more visitors to their websites, and websites can also update their pages to display information like price, availability, etc of their products on the image viewer.

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