How a Pakistani male helps to save lady from prostitution?

Web Desk: A 13-year aged teen lady was forced to have passionate retort with a 49-year-old Pakistani man. He bought a lady to Dubai, after claiming to be her father, and forced her into prostitution, news Khaleej Times.

Allegedly, a male raped her and assaulted her with a hang each time she refused to have sex with him. The box was reported in Sep 2018.

According to justice records, a lady told prosecutors that a indicted forced her into harlotry behind home dual years ago. He afterwards released a revisit visa for her and brought her to a country, claiming she was his daughter. The lady was forced to have sex with “11 group of opposite nationalities” each day for money.

“He raped me behind home and here (in a UAE) too. He strike me with a hang each time we refused to have sex with him,” a lady told prosecutors.

The 25-year-old defendant, was a patron during a brothel, fell in adore with a lady and betrothed to marry her. He reported a girl’s predicament to a military after he perceived a content summary from her brother, who resides in Pakistan, requesting for help.

The military raided a place and arrested a dual women, both aged 23, who certified to operative as prostitutes. They also advanced a girl’s rape claims. They pronounced a brothel’s owners approached a lady while he was dipsomaniac and wanted to have sex with her. He assaulted her when she refused. Both women certified that a indicted paid Pakistani Rs200,000 to their families to move them to a UAE.

The 49-year-old denied rape charges though certified to immoderate alcohol. He also certified he brought a teen to a nation for harlotry and facilitated paid sex for a other dual women.

Forensic reports showed bruises on a immature girl’s body.

Article source: http://www.aaj.tv/2019/01/how-a-pakistani-man-helps-to-save-girl-from-prostitution/

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