How to stay calm

 At the time of pressure or crisis, our first inclination is to panic which can lead us to meltdowns and if not attended it can lead to some serious brain damage.

It’s important that one should master the art of staying calm to avoid such situations.

Here are some tips that will keep you calm.

  1. Slow down:

In situation of crisis or panic, don’t react to things. Take time to think, don’t take any decision emotionally.


  1. Stay positive:

In situation of crisis, don’t let your mind turn negative. There is always a positive side to things. Don’t over think.


  1. Don’t put yourself in doubt:

Never ever under estimate yourself. Always know your worth. Don’t ever think that you are not capable of doing anything.


  1. Make yourself a priority:

In order to stay calm and handle situation of crisis with ease, good health is important. For that, have a balanced diet, exercise regularly and have normal sleeping routine.


  1. Seek for help; if needed:

It’s no shame in asking for help in stressful situations. Don’t put burden on yourself. Talk to a trusted friend or seek professional help.


by- Aghna Noor

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