How to stay calm

 At a time of vigour or crisis, a initial desire is to panic that can lead us to meltdowns and if not attended it can lead to some critical mind damage.

It’s critical that one should master a art of staying palliate to equivocate such situations.

Here are some tips that will keep we calm.

  1. Slow down:

In conditions of predicament or panic, don’t conflict to things. Take time to think, don’t take any preference emotionally.


  1. Stay positive:

In conditions of crisis, don’t let your mind spin negative. There is always a certain side to things. Don’t over think.


  1. Don’t put yourself in doubt:

Never ever underneath guess yourself. Always know your worth. Don’t ever consider that we are not able of doing anything.


  1. Make yourself a priority:

In sequence to stay palliate and hoop conditions of predicament with ease, good health is important. For that, have a offset diet, practice frequently and have normal sleeping routine.


  1. Seek for help; if needed:

It’s no contrition in seeking for assistance in stressful situations. Don’t put weight on yourself. Talk to a devoted crony or find veteran help.


by- Aghna Noor

Article source: http://www.aaj.tv/2019/05/how-to-stay-calm/

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