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Imran Khan, British PM agree to maintain dialogue on Kashmir

Photo: Boris Johnson/ Twitter

Prime Minister Imran Khan made a call to British PM Boris Johnson on Monday to congratulate him on his new role, according to a statement by the Downing Street office.

The statement read that the two leaders discussed the “serious situation in Kashmir.”

“They underlined their continued commitment to the bilateral relationship between the UK and Pakistan,” the statement said.

India, earlier this week, repealed articles 370 and 35A of its constitution, revoking autonomous status of Indian-administered Kashmir. Article 370 granted special autonomy to Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir. It allowed the state’s assembly to make its own constitution and gave it autonomous state power.

Article 35A allowed the Jammu and Kashmir State Assembly to define who is and isn’t a permanent resident of the state. It also allowed the assembly to determine who gets state grants, who has the right to purchase land and property and who can permanently settle in the region.

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