Int’l soccer players’ programme termed a hoax to mint money

Int’l soccer players’ programme termed a hoax to mint money

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LAHORE: President Sindh Football Association Khadim Ali Shah and some other officials have declared programme involving international soccer players as a hoax to mint money in the name of football.

In a message extended to The News, Shah declared a private Group for running an extensive media campaign at different forums trying hard to develop a perception amongst the masses that they had come to invest in Pakistan football in order to develop it in its entirety through its showcase events featuring retired international football players. All of a sudden, the group involved in it has expressed its inability to conduct its maiden event citing “Financial Constraints” as the reason for the postponement of their event, said Shah, adding: “Such private companies are using the name of football development to exploit the Pakistani market. Bringing in retired football players for a showcase event means nothing for football development in Pakistan.

These events are conducted for self-serving agendas of these companies which include obtaining publicity and accomplishing their commercial objectives by exploiting the market through their misleading marketing campaigns. If they were here to invest in Pakistan Football, how come they backed out because of financial constraints?

“They used these retired football players of global recognition and their following in Pakistan as a marketing ploy to attract corporate to make money and while doing so they painted a picture of themselves as saviors of Pakistan football. When they could not engage the desired amount, they postponed the event. Anyone can invite players like Ronaldinho, John Terry etc, as was done by another group, or Kaka and Figo, who were invited recently, if you have the right amount to pay to them.”

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