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Islamabad updates: Aerial firing reported at PTI election camp

Islamabad updates: Aerial firing reported at PTI election camp

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) election camp became the target of aerial firing, as per reports.

Police officials have further revealed that the aerial firing was done by one of the PTI workers present inside the election camp.

ECP to hold surprise audit of postal ballot

The Election Commission of Pakistan will hold a surprise audit of postal ballot, said Secretary Babar Yaqoob on Saturday. 

Talking to the press in Islamabad, Yaqoob stated: “To ensure the misuse of postal ballot, a specific procedure has been issued. “

He revealed that the approved delivery of the postal ballot will be checked systematically and the tally will be done as per the law.

“CCTV cameras have been installed which will be functional on July 25th, the day of the general elections,” he stated.

The ECP secretary went on saying, “The letter of the Interior Minister mentioned that six candidates have been named in the list by the United Nations. These candidates have been notified to present themselves before the Election Commission on Monday.”

Talking about the security arrangements, Yaqoob revealed that “Overall 8.5 million officials of the police force and the Pakistan Army have been allotted to provide security

Moreover he stated that he has been since the past two or three days been briefing international observer groups as well.

He continued to urge the public to cast their votes as thorough security arrangements have been made and 96 percent of necessary assistance has been provided at the polling stations.

He also commented that in comparison with the 2013 general elections, a positive change will be evident in polling stations this year.

“The process of printing and delivery of ballot papers has been concluded already,” he revealed further.

He also took notice of the shots fired at former prime minister Yusuf Raza Gilani’s son saying that two persons were caught in the occurrence.

He  also mentioned that no  election campaigns of  any political parties have been halted.

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