Jennifer Lee, Director Of ‘Frozen,’ Says She’s Open To Making A Third One If Kristen Bell Has ‘A Good Idea’

The second Frozen animated film is just now being screened in theaters but fans are already wondering if there is going to be another one made in the future! As you may know, Frozen 2 hit the big screen no less than six years after the first so it’s safe to say people want more and want it much sooner than that!

Well, good news! As it turns out, the possibility of having a Frozen 3 at some point in the future exists and it’s all thanks to Kristen Bell, it seems!

The actress who voices the character of Anna in the movies, joked that she would not mind already announcing not only Frozen 3 but 4 and 5 as well!

When asked if that could actually become a reality, the franchise’s writer and director, Jennifer Lee, mentioned that a ‘good idea’ from the actress might just bring back the beloved characters for at least a third installment.

While in attendance at the opening night for Frozen the Musical, Jennifer chatted with HollywoodLife, telling the outlet that as far as she is concerned, she feels like she’s ‘done’ writing the movies.

But that’s not to say she is not open to hearing ideas from Kristen when it comes to a future Frozen movie.

‘She is so talented. She was instrumental to Anna’s journey, and I’m so proud that she joined us. Look, Anna is … you look to her as the optimist [but] we all go through some struggles. I’ve struggles every day, and I choose to be this way, get up off the floor and never give up, and that was the journey Anna should have. So she has been an incredible partner in it, so maybe she has a good idea [for Frozen 3],’ Jennifer dished.

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Article source: https://celebrityinsider.org/jennifer-lee-director-of-frozen-says-shes-open-to-making-a-third-one-if-kristen-bell-has-a-good-idea-349406/


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