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?Kabir Singh? director Sandeep Reddy opens up about ?TikTok Villain? inspired by his film

‘Kabir Singh’ director Sandeep Reddy opens up about ‘TikTok Villain’ inspired by his film

As news surrounding the death of the infamous Indian TikTok personality Ashwani Kayshap, who killed multiple, went rife on social media, the public couldn’t help but point fingers of accusation at Kabir Singh director Sandeep Vanga Reddy.

Known popularly on the video-sharing app as the ‘TikTok Villain’ or ‘Johnny Dada’, Kayshap had oftentimes posted pictures of his pinup Shahid Kapoor, deeply inspired by his avatar in the notorious film that had wreaked havoc online over the ‘glorification of toxic masculinity.’

Speaking about the connection that is now being made between the alleged, deceased killer and the director of the highly-contentious film, Reddy stepped forth attempting to clear the air around him and his film.

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Regarding the murder of an air-hostess he was reported to be ‘obsessed with’, he told Mid-Day: “I feel sorry for the girl and her family. It is unfortunate that people have lost their lives. As filmmakers, we are responsible for our craft and need to consider the repercussions, but never have my films [endorsed] killing anyone. Kabir Singh or even Arjun Reddy [the Telugu original] never [supported] murder.”

“The man in question seems to have some psychological issue. Such people often look up to Bollywood celebrities, sports persons or politicians. If you see Shahid’s character in the film, he is a self-destructive person who is harming himself more than anyone else,” he added. 

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