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Karachi’s dear Urdu Bazaar to face a brunt of KMC anti-encroachment drive

The KMC administration has served notices on a shopkeepers to empty their stalls within 3 days before they are razed by a dispersion teams.

The deadline ends on Tuesday midnight.

A criticism was also staged in a categorical marketplace led by a Urdu Bazaar Market Association and a Booksellers Association, perfectionist that a shops in Bazaar should not be razed as they reason a standing of informative heritage.

The protesters were of a perspective that their shops had been located in Urdu Bazaar for decades, and called for an finish to a bootleg movement opposite their businesses.

They were of a perspective that they set adult their business in a authorised demeanour and it was not an encroachment.

However, KMC officials contend that a Urdu Bazaar was shaped over a empty and they asked a shopkeepers to empty a place in 3 days.

In a new case, a Sindh High Court on Dec 4 had released a stay sequence on a petition filed by residents of Garden East opposite razing of a building in a area.

The anti-encroachment group of a Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) was set to explode a building in a Garden East area.

However, residents of a building approached a SHC seeking to stop KMC machine from their ‘illegal action.’

The Supreme Court on Oct 27 had destined Mayor Karachi, Wasim Akhtar, to mislay all encroachments from a city’s amenity plots and pavements with a assistance of law coercion agencies, and postulated a 15-day deadline to city authorities for correspondence of the orders.

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