Kendall Jenner sparks snub in new Pepsi ad

Seems like brands will go to any lengths to squeeze attention, even if it puts them in a wrong light.

Pepsi’s latest blurb featuring conform indication Kendall Jenner has spin a speak of city given a recover Tuesday night.

The ad shows protests holding place on a streets, while Kendall Jenner poses for a photoshoot. Compelled to join a resistance, she walks out of a photoshoot mid-way, tosses her blonde wig to a side, wipes a lipstick off her lips, grabs a Pepsi and heads true for a cops station prepared to fortify a crowd.

A bit most to take in? Yeah. But a ad doesn’t finish here.

Kendall Jenner stands in front of a policemen (highly suggestive of Iesha Evans’ print during a Black Lives Matter criticism final year) and hands a Pepsi to one officer with a desirable smile. The military officer accepts it and breaks into a smile. The throng cheers and Kendall joins a gathering.

Apparently, handing a fizzy splash to military officials during protests can assistance solve amicable and domestic issues and absolved people of their prejudices.

Consequently, amicable media erupted with users job out Pepsi for being ‘tone-deaf.’


Article source: http://www.suchtv.pk/entertainment/item/51866-kendall-jenner-sparks-outrage-in-new-pepsi-ad.html

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