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Lahore man confesses to killing former PML-Q MPA

The suspect arrested in the murder of former PML-Q MPA Parveen Sikandar Gill has admitted to killing the politician, according to the police.

Mustafa, who was arrested on Tuesday in Lahore, had been working as domestic worker at Gill’s place for the past six years. He had also worked at the house of the politician’s sister, the police said.

“I went to Gill’s residence four to five times intending to rob the place. She was awake and caught me when I entered,” Mustafa confessed.  “I pushed her and she passed out after she hit her head on the corner of the bed. I suffocated her to death using a pillow and then tied her hands and legs,” he said.

On September 5, Gill was found dead at her Lahore residence.

A post-mortem report revealed she was hit on the head twice, which caused her death. Torture marks were also found on her body.

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