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Amid tear gas and shelling, Mariyam Nafees, Haroon Shahid, among other celebs march for Imran Khan

  • May 26, 2022

Former prime minister Imran Khan’s Azadi March held on Wednesday saw numerous celebrities, as always, taking to the streets in their respective cities to support PTI in its call for re-elections. Prior to the march, actors like Feroze Khan, Haroon Shahid and Mariyam Nafees had informed participants about the safety precautions they must take before attending rallies. Judging from the rumpus that ensued, it was all too necessary.

All actors, including Samina Peerzada, Imran Abbas and Osman Khalid Butt shared scenes from the rally, marking their presence as internet across the country failed to comply amidst the political show. All celebrities in attendance made it a point to also speak about and share evidence of tear gas, shelling and the violence they were subjected to.

Sharing “scenes from the jalsa,” on his Twitter, Butt wrote, “The shelling was intense – you can see the after-effects in the air. We were also told the small fires on the sides of the road were to counter the tear gas.” Social media users, majority of whom defended PTI, also had many calling out protestors for setting fire to a tree in Islamabad. While responding to a user about the same incident, Butt wrote rather disappointingly, “I was there when the tree was set ablaze. When inquired who did it, no one took accountability.”

In another tweet, Butt shared a photo of one of the many shells swinged at the protestors, to write, “More incoming.” A user replied with a journalist’s tweet informing about the emergency situation at the rally in Islamabad. “Emergency and Urgent! PTI Marchers at/around D-Chowk are in severe need of drinking water, salt and towels to avoid heavy shelling. Please send messages and make calls to your relatives, friends or people in Islamabad to ensure the supply”

After being subjected to tear gas in the same protest, Nafees posted a video washing her eyes in agony. “It’s 4:30 in the morning and they’re still throwing horrid skin and eye burning tear gas to disperse protestors. Kis kis ko rokoge (How many of us will you stop)?” she asked. In another tweet, she informed, “Khawateen aur bacho pe straight fire. Model town on a larger scale. If you still support them then you’re worse than them.”

Prior to the shelling, Nafees had uploaded happy pictures of herself and her family from the rally and had urged men to accompany their female family members and friends to the protest incase someone tries to harass them. “Requesting men of the families to accompany their women to the march. I’m afraid these goonies will try to harass female protestors. The amount of filth they’re uttering digitally can lead to anything,” she had warned.

Peerzada, on the other hand, lauded the women who made it to the march and refused to leave, despite the security concerns at hand. “Thanking all participants, especially the sisters and mothers who left their homes in the hope that coming days will be better, that our children will get to grow up in a truly independent state. Keep winning. Elections will happen, God willing!”

Khan shared a video of a mother who attended the march with her 1-month-old baby to write, “Proud of you. That’s an empowered woman right there!”

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Shahid documented every turning moment of the protest in Karachi to share with his followers. He started it off with a video having crossed some tankers while on his way to Numaish. “Tankers have been crossed. Nothing happening here yet! Start moving towards Numaish!” He then tweeted, “Karachi leadership missing! No worries, we’ll handle things ourselves.” He then requested Karachi to “step out,” before warning in another tweet: “Please do not bring children along with you. Sindh police is up to no good!”

The musician and actor then shared videos of the “shelling” that also ensued in Karachi. “Intense shelling here in Karachi. As you can see, all these people are being forced back. Hold your ground Karachi.” Sharing a photo from Numaish, he added, “Back at Numaish! Rok sako to roklo! Pakistan Zindabad, Imran Khan Zindabad.

Proud of the “PTI warriors,” he added, “The resilience and the experience to fight the state terrorism is clearly visible. It’s one against all. All this is unprecedented!” In another tweet, he mentioned while making a video, “Karachi Numaish has been sealed by tankers again but we’re holding strong.”

Abbas also shared snippets from D-chowk, Islamabad where protesters along with former premier were supposed to gather. He shared clips of street vendors, supporters and protesters waving flags and chanting. Singer Bilal Khan also marched his way to the protest area and recorded himself on the streets. “We’re walking all the way on this road to the area of the march. This is the third container blocking the road. there’s no chance for a car to pass by from here,” he said in the video.

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On Thursday, albeit, the PTI Chairman gave the incumbent government an ultimatum; to announce elections within six days or have the “entire nation” return to the capital.

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