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Armeena appreciates Fesl Khan for empowering her amid Aamir Liaquat Hussain criticism

  • June 11, 2022

Actor Armeena Khan has been back and forth with her response to popular TV host and politician Aamir Liaquat Hussain’s death. However, in a recent tweet, she was lauded by her husband, Fesl Reza Khan for clapping back at insults when she declared her lack of support for the deceased. Her spouse took to Twitter, schooling those who had told Armeena to have ‘shame’ after she had posted a tweet sending prayers of ‘justice’ to ‘Mr Liaquat’s victims’.

He stated, “Brilliant answer Armeena. These Pakistani men trying to use ‘sharam’ need to shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. They use ‘sharam’ to silence vulnerable voiceless members of society to deny them their basic rights. Games up. Love you for shutting them up these weak men”.

Armeena responded with a message of gratitude, “I love you for always empowering and supporting me. Best husband in the world, Alhamdullilah”.

Armeena had initially taken to the micro-blogging site in support of Aamir’s death saying, “We plan as if we’re going to live forever but we don’t know about the next moment. Life can be taken away in an instant. Shocking.”

She continued, preaching the need to prioritise mental health, “I think we as a community need to start focusing on mental health”.

However, after receiving much flak for extending her support to the deceased, Armeena posted, “Just brushing up on my reading about Aamir Liaquat. I take back whatever little I said in his support, the man was preaching hate in his life. May God do justice to Mr Liaquat’s victims directly/indirectly. May we all be given Hidayat.”

The critique did not end here as netizens then took to Twitter, shaming the Janaan actor for not showing greater respect. One user said, “Sorry to say but thousands of people follow you and maybe some of them look up to you as a role model. Here you are, critiquing. Do you have any shame? That person was right. Shame on you”.

To this, Armeena responded, “Your role models are from 1952, submissive and silent. I am a 2022 role model, I use critique, I answer back and I cannot be silenced with misogyny and I laugh at people who throw shame at me because they have none. Now if you don’t like it then back to 1952 you go! Clown”.

Armeena cemented her position against supporting Aamir when she was asked by a user, “My question: Were you the victim of Aamir Liaquat’s Abuse or etc. Why is it so hard to understand?” Armeena then clarified her stance saying, “Your answer is: You only need humanity to empathise. Otherwise, why stand with victims anywhere in the world? Is that so hard for you to understand? He was a groomer. End of.”

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