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Faris Shafi talks about growing up without a father in ‘Hum’

  • July 04, 2022

“But you never came through,” is the gist of Faris Shafi’s Hum, which pretty much sums up his entire childhood without a father. The rapper’s latest, is a personal account of sorts and the “most and least Faris Shafi thing” he’s ever put out, as per users who are equally taken aback by the vulnerability and power at display in the song.

The track, produced by Talal Qureshi, is a dedication to Shafi’s late father, Syed Parvez Shafi. Hum presents the child inside the rapper who’s always craved his father’s attention and never received it. The music video is representative of the loneliness he grew up with, capturing him looking through an isolated window against a house wall covered in creeping fig.

There are no other locations, views, props or people, just Shafi and his thoughts, unfiltered and uncompromised. The rapper reminisces how his father promised to return and never did, not even when he was bullied, nor when he had to take on people much older than him, nor when he had his first heartbreak. 

“Faris Shafi has poured his heart out in Hum man,” tweeted a fan. “Parental trauma getting triggered cause of Hum,” added another. “Faris Shafi’s Hum seems very personal, very relatable. The void of not having a father by your side is real,” shared one more.

Having gone through similar neglect, most users couldn’t help but feel everything Shafi had let out, making Hum a track that hit too close to home. “I love you man but I hate how bad I can relate,” tweeted a fan. “Faris Shafi’s Hum just hit the heart of many boys,” another chimed in.

Most couldn’t internalize that Shafi, who comes off as a loose cannon, has had “daddy issues” and was reminding everyone of theirs. “Didn’t expect myself to cry [to] Faris Shafi’s Hum. [He] reminded half of the nation to rethink their daddy issues.” Another commented, “Faris Shafi making a song about daddy issues is the most and somehow, least Faris Shafi thing he could do.”

A user even rightfully pointed out why most boys grow up with “daddy issues” to begin with. “Faris Shafi just dropped an anthem for all desi boys who wait for Eid to hug their abus.”

And let’s just say Shafi has proven once again that he’s not afraid of challenging his internal demons, while calling out the deterrents around him. 

Listen to the song here: 

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