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‘If we could raise $1b for cathedral in Paris, we can raise $1b for displaced Pakistanis’

  • September 06, 2022

Pakistan is facing the most alarming impacts of climate change with its torrential rains and melting glaciers causing flash floods that have impacted more than 1/3rd of the country, with parts of Balochistan, Punjab, and Sindh submerged in water.

To generate funds and lend their support, artists, celebrities, and public figures have taken to their social media channels and raised awareness regarding the natural disaster. Renowned artists from around the globe have also joined in on the efforts to inform their large followings and help mitigate the impacts of the calamity. Most recently, The Good Place actor Jameela Jamil and comedian Kumail Nanjiani have joined the cause to do their part.

Jamil tweeted, “What the hell is going on? One-third of Pakistan is underwater, and it is not all over the media and the timeline. More water is coming. 50 million people have already been displaced. This is only the start of the devastation. Please drop links below for any organisations people can donate to.” Attached to her tweet is a screenshot of statistics on the irreplaceable damages caused by the flooding, including over 1300 people killed and one million houses washed away, leaving affectees without shelter.

The She-Hulk actor also retweeted a post by the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), a collective group of 15 UK charities that have begun an appeal to raise funds for the flooding in Pakistan. “Please donate here. 50 million and counting have been displaced. A third of the country is underwater. It’s devastating,” she urged.

Nanjiani has also begun using his online presence to spread awareness about the humanitarian crisis. Retweeting a post by crowdfunding platform GoFundMe, which links users to a list of verified flood relief fundraisers, the Eternals actor says, “Pakistan is suffering from devastating flooding right now. I made a donation to help. Please donate if you are able to.”

He also retweeted a post by author and human rights lawyer, Qasim Rashid. The tweet reads, “I feel like if we could raise $1 billion for a cathedral in Paris, we can raise $1 billion for 50 million people displaced from their homes in Pakistan. This is life and death — the time to act is now. Grateful to all who are contributing retweeting,” with a link directing users to his fundraiser with international charity, Humanity First.

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