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Saboor Aly allegedly refused to wear mask inflight and Twitter is livid

  • July 20, 2021

Pakistan’s currently battling the critical fourth wave of Covid-19. With cases of Delta variant piling up, the NCOC has advised the public to keep up with the SOPs. The positivity rate of the country had surpassed over 4%, as indoor dining, cinemas, gyms shutting down once again in Karachi.

However, celebrities have always been under intense scrutiny over the compliance of SOPs. Recently, starlet Saboor Aly became the topic of discussion after an incident of her refusing to wear a mask in a flight full of passengers went viral on Twitter. A Twitter handle claimed the Parizad star refused to wear her mask on a flight as same as his sister’s.

“Saboor Aly flew on the same flight as my sister today. Refused mask compliance throughout,” the user shared. She further added, “She didn’t even have a mask and was provided one by the airport staff which she wore only for a few seconds when boarding. Her reason: “Mujhe doctor ne mana kiya hai, mask se mujhe acne hojati hai (My doctor has advised me not to wear a mask. I get acne).”

The user further added, “You don’t give a s**t about your own health, fine by us. But don’t go parading in public places then, putting other people at risk!”

The alleged incident was called out by social media users.

The fact that a celebrity who is fully aware of the consequences is acting like this,” added another.

“What utter shame,” wrote another user. “These are stars who request us to respect them? Didn’t the doctor advise her to wear a cloth mask? Shame on her. Seriously.”

“Wasn’t expecting this from Saboor. That’s really disappointing!” tweeted one more.

“Being publicly aware is a skill one would think a celebrity would possess. Clearly, this one is skill starved,” said a user.

“Go through her social media and you’ll see she’s out partying every other day. No social distancing, no masks,’ shared another tweep. “Maskne is valid. There are workarounds. Cotton masks, changing your surgical masks frequently. Literally, so much you can do to keep yourself and more importantly others safe.”

Some, however, lent support to Saboor.

“But that’s actually true because my friend has this issue!” added one more. “Do your research before calling people out on social media.”

The Express Tribune has reached out to Saboor for a comment and is currently awaiting a response.

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