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Victim of social media’s wrath: Waseem Badami shares last conversation with Aamir Liaquat

  • June 13, 2022

Popular television host Waseem Badami recently revealed that he was in touch with late Aamir Liaquat Hussain during the days preceding his sudden death. Calling him a “victim of social media”, Badami shared how Hussain“isolated” himself after a slew of hatred and trolling following an inappropriate video shared by his third wife, Dania.

In conversation with a local news channel, Badami said that he spoke to the late televangelist 25 days before his death. He then went on to explain the probable causes behind his deteriorating mental health which led to his death. “He completely isolated himself right after his leaked pictures and videos went viral on social media. Exactly 25 days ago, I talked to Aamir and that was my last chat with him,” said Badami.

“Aamir never sounded so serious and sad in his life. He could not recover himself from the betrayal of his third wife. He disconnected himself from everything which led to some serious health and mental issues.” He further added that “rejection” and “denial” became a deciding factor for his life then. “Sense of rejection and denial was another major bereft in his life. The different episodes in his life affected him badly. In my opinion, if we do not realise and fill that void in a person, such things lead to destruction and we are left empty handed.”

Upon being asked whether he thinks Hussain essentially became a victim of social media’s wrath, the anchor gave a big nod. “Yes, he did. We should be more sensitive about how our words affect people.”

Agreeing with Badami, actor Ushna Shah retweeted his interview and wrote, “Well said. Whether we agreed with him or not, we all should have stood for him when he was made a victim of revenge-porn. Instead we watched, we allowed ourselves to be entertained by his downfall, his cries for help. Allah forgive us.”

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