Local group covers some manholes around NSK, most remain still open

Local group covers some manholes around NSK, most remain still open

KARACHI: A large number of manholes around the National Stadium Karachi remain uncovered, endangering the lives of spectators who are coming to watch the matches of Pakistan Super League, although the matter has been reported widely.

Neither the Sindh government nor the local government organisations have taken any notice of the situation. Interestingly, a local group of social activists has covered some of those manholes, but to make it clear that this was not done by the authorities who should have done it, the group put its name on the covers.

The spectators, including women, children and elderly persons, using the gates of NSK opposite the PSB’s coaching centre are facing a lot of problems, especially at night when they come out after the matches. Chacha cricket, a popular figure among cricket fans, fell in one of the open manholes two days ago and got injured. ‘The News’ has previously reported that 28 manholes and a nullah lie uncovered around the stadium.

Spectators talking to this correspondent said it was amazing that such a big event was being organised in the city by spending huge money, but the officials overlooked this small thing, which could, however, take people’s lives. “This is something which a UC councilor is able to fix,” said one spectator. “Everyone is involved in making PSL a success, from federal government to the city’s administration, but this hasn’t been fixed. It’s appalling!” he added.

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