Majority of regions concerned over revamping plan in domestic cricket

Majority of regions concerned over revamping plan in domestic cricket

ISLAMABAD: An overwhelming majority of the regional representatives, who met Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Task Force on domestic cricket, have rejected the revamping plan and backed and supported the existing one with changes according to requirements.

A well-placed source in the PCB confirmed that 14 regional representatives and heads, who met Lt Gen (rtd) Muzammil Hussain, have expressed their reservations over the proposed changes in the domestic and first class structure, calling for the continuation of the exiting one with required changes.

“Almost eighty percent of the regional representatives have turned down the proposed changes in the first class structure. They argue that since the existing system is producing results there is no wisdom in making changes in the first class structure,” a source who attended the meeting said.

According to proposed format, there will be no departmental cricket in the future domestic first class cricket. The departments, however, would be free to financially support and back the region of their choice. In return these departments would be given more administrative powers than that of particular region which they would be supporting. “Such a system would not be long-lasting. Where no one-neither department nor region would be knowing well what are their administrative powers, the system would not be sustainable and long lasting,” one of the regional representatives said.

Barring Rawalpindi and Karachi Regions, all other regions participated in the meeting. No region questioned the utility of departments as majority were of the opinion that these should be allowed to ply their separate first class cricket.

“We are not questioning the participation of departments in the first class cricket. They are a reality and as such should be allowed to play first class cricket involving leading departments. But it would not be wise to involve them with the regional administration.”

Regional representatives, however, backed and supported the PCB plan to strengthen the first class. “We fully support Board plan to improve the plight of first class cricket. You may curtail the regions and departments when it comes to playing the first class cricket but there is no need to abolish any,” one of the representatives said.

Some of the regional heads proposed that all the 14 regions should be allowed to play first class cricket. Others backed and supported the idea of injecting more funds in first class cricket.

Majority of the members also shared grievances and complained that nothing had been done in recent past to upgrade the existing system and infrastructure in the country. The head of the Task Force was of the view that it was important to get the feedback of regions before finalising the new format.

Departmental representatives, who met the PCB Task Force members last month, had already turned down the new plan in which they would be asked to share the regional administration instead of having their own teams. The Task Force on domestic cricket is expected to meet in April to decide the fate of future structure.

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