Men accused of harassing Canadian woman arrested

Men accused of harassing Canadian woman arrested

ISLAMABAD: Police on Thursday said two men accused of harassing a Canadian woman have been arrested.

Identified as Hamza Sohail and Anas Kamran, the men were arrested two days after humanitarian worker Assma Galuta, approached Islamabad police with a complaint regarging sexual harassment.

In her complaint, the woman stated that two motorists followed her for two hours after she refused to sit in their car.

She said she was waiting for a cab when the car pulled up, with the suspect  asking her to get in.

When she refused, they followed the cab she was travelling in  for the next two hours.

They kept asking the cab driver about the destination of   Assma Galuta as they chased the taxi.

Galuta said she had to take refuge inside a shopping mall, dropping off her location.

The woman had filed the complaint on the Prime Minister Citizen Portal after calling police help line 15.

A police official said the woman has identified both the suspects as the men who harassed her. 

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