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Mustafa Kamal announces million impetus on May 14

He was addressing a press discussion in Karachi.

Kamal familiar media crew that PSP had recently staged sit-in for 18 days in boiling feverishness during that a celebration put brazen 16-point agenda. Kamal vowed not to step behind from these 16 points during any cost.

Kamal unleashed written assault opposite Sindh supervision and indicted it of obliterating state institutions. Kamal warned that aged strategy would not work anymore.

“Karachi acquires zero in lapse notwithstanding generating 70pc revenue. Situation is so misfortune that even purify celebration H2O is not accessible to residents of capital since 130 children have lapsed of gauntness in Tharparkar. we have built Karachi once and we know how to make it again”, spoken a discontented Kamal.

Kamal also urged Sindh supervision to commission Karachi mayor and internal supervision member since indicted K-electric of committing Rs100 billion scam.

Earlier, PSP authority met Jamat-e-Islami Karachi Ameer Hafiz Naeem-ur-Rehman and rigourously invited him to attend million impetus opposite provincial government.

It is impending here to discuss that PSP has conducted several rallies and has staged sit-in for eighteen days in foster of their demands.


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